Creating a Scrapbook is So Easy!

This is the perfect kit for those who would love to create a photo album, memory book, or scrapbook and simply don't know where to start. All you have to do is print standard 4" x 6" photographs to slip into the sleeves alongside the theme cards and journal cards. We even include a helpful instruction booklet filled with guided steps, ideas, and inspiration.


Step 1

Organize and lay out your photos and the cards from the kit. Stack by size and orientation to make the next step easier.


Step 2

Add your photos to some of the pockets, and then add some of the fun cards in between.


Step 3

Jot down your memories on some of the journaling cards and add those to the pockets too.


Step 4

Enjoy your new scrapbook!

My phone was running out of storage space from all the pictures I was taking and never doing anything with. This was the perfect excuse I needed to actually print my photos and put them in an album. They weren’t kidding when they called these albums EASY! It was quick and simple and actually really fun. And I finally have space on my phone for more pictures!
— Susie in Queens, New York

it really is this easy!

Just tuck the photos and cards into the pockets and your Scrapbook will be done in no time!

Anyone can make a beautiful album with their photos and an Easy Albums™ Kit.