Unboxing Your Baby Girl Easy Albums™ Kit

We are so excited that you purchased a Baby Girl Easy Albums™ Kit! We know you have adorable, unforgettable photos that document every cute moment from your sweet baby girl, and we can’t wait to help you get started. This is the perfect way to get her pictures and all those memorable stories in a wonderful album to share with friends and family, maybe even to give to your little sweetheart when she leaves the nest.


Creating With Your Baby Girl Easy Albums™ Kit

With your Easy Albums™ kit, you have the perfect place to document all of her firsts, your favorite moments with her, and all of the other unforgettable memories. The options for journaling and memory keeping on the note cards are endless. Don’t forget the instruction booklet that came in your kit - it includes 12 page ideas and a bonus journaling prompt section!

these baby girl themed pages took just minutes to make